Esc4pe: the Latest and Greatest Family Activity

Looking for Something New to do With Your Family? Come Try Out Esc4pe!

Escape rooms are starting to pop up all around the globe and for great reasons.

Esc4pe's escape room are fun for multi-generational families.
Our current record holders: a local three-generation family.

Here in Burlington at Esc4pe, we believe that our Esc4pe rooms are the perfect activity for all groups, especially families. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, child, teen or even a third-cousin twice removed, our Esc4pe rooms will bring you and your family closer together in a different way than ever before.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why.

Esc4pe isn’t scary.

Before anything else, let’s get something out of the way first. Esc4pe isn’t scary. When people first hear about our local Esc4pe rooms, the first thing that comes to mind is a horror movie. It makes sense, being stuck in a room with only 60 minutes to escape? That’s the perfect premise for a horror movie. Don’t worry though, there is nothing scary about Esc4pe. Think more James Bond and less Saw.

When you enter one of our Esc4pe rooms, you and your family are tasked with using teamwork and problem-solving to escape as soon as you can. Each game is monitored by one of our lovely game masters and if something happens where you need to get out in a pinch, the doors are always unlocked. Nothing scary about that.

Esc4pe is not scary! Our escape rooms are fun and family friendly.Esc4pe is immersive.

What makes Esc4pe such an exciting and entertaining experience is how immersive it is. Unlike most family games or activities, Esc4pe is a live-action game. What does this mean, you ask? Well you know how in board games like Monopoly or Sorry, you pick a piece and that represents your character? Well Esc4pe works the same way, except you are the piece.

What’s even better is that in Esc4pe you are part of a story where you and your family are the main characters. No longer are you “Linda the accountant” or “Jeff the stay-at-home dad”. No, when entering one of our two (soon to be three) rooms, you and your family are a team, each with your own specialties, working and bonding together towards a concrete goal.

Esc4pe is fun for all ages.

Does Esc4pe sound like the perfect activity for you but you’re scared that it might not be the best for your kids? Don’t think twice about it, your kids will love Esc4pe. Upon entering one of our rooms, they will shine at the opportunity to contribute towards a larger goal. Do your kids play video games? Board games? How about any other type of game? If so, then once again, your kids will love Esc4pe. Even if they can’t solve some of our puzzles, they will certainly be able to help in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

Moreover, Esc4pe is a perfect way to teach your children new ways of thinking. In challenging them to escape one of our rooms, you are challenging them to think critically and outside-the-box, all while having fun.

Any family can escape.

Esc4pe is a live-action game which is entertaining for all families.So far it might sound like Esc4pe is only for masterminds with expansive histories in code cracking, computer hacking, and karate. If this concern has crossed your mind, fear not! Esc4pe is accessible for all types of people. You do not need to be a genius to escape our rooms. Sure, it may help, but it certainly isn’t necessary to escape our rooms. What makes Esc4pe perfect for families is that it thrives on mental diversity.

Our current record holders are a three-generation family that came in with an expansive amount of diversity to pull from. Believe it or not, your family is probably the same. Maybe you are great at seeing things analytically but terrible at riddles. Maybe your son isn’t great at solving clues but can find hidden items with the best of them.

Do you see what we’re getting at here?

Esc4pe is the perfect way to get your family to home in on their strengths and work interdependently towards a common goal. Isn’t that what family is all about?