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The Minimalist Escape Room

Second in series

Quick Details

  • Up to 10 players
  • You have a 60-minute time limit.
  • Most teams are in our facility for about 90 minutes in total.
Adult Ages 11+
Child 10 and under

What happened to Agent Glitch?

P.I.T.O.N. must always keep its secrets, sometimes even from itself. Codename Agent Glitch has gone missing, and it’s up to you and your team (up to 10 people) to find out what has happened to him. The clues are all in Glitch’s workshop, but he’s covered his tracks well.

Together you must investigate his cunning low-tech puzzles, logic traps, and hidden codes. There may also be a lock or two to pick along the way. You are welcome to make this your first mission. Just always remember: We are watching.

Please Note: While groups of two can play, we recommend at least a group of four.