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Burlington’s Original

Esc4pe Escape Room Challenge

Esc4pe Combo Lock
The exciting and challenging social phenomenon of the escape room has come to Burlington, Vermont You are locked into one of our three themed ESC4PE ROOMS and must find your way out through physical and mental puzzles within 60 minutes. Challenge your friends, family or workmates, while sharpening your skills.

...and now for the Rooms

The Gauntlet, Escape Room


THE GAUNTLET You and your team are candidates to join our elite network of information liberators. If you can navigate through the GAUNTLET, you may just have what it takes to join us. Challenge your friends, family or workmates, while sharpening your skills.

$25.00 per person
$10.00 for kids under 10 years old
Gift Certificates Available

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The Minimalist, Escape Room


THE MINIMALIST Don’t let the name fool you this is no ordinary challenging. You’re in! Welcome to P.I.T.ON. Now that you are on the team you will need some specialized tools to complete your missions. Enter the Minimalist Machinist’s workshop where Glitch himself makes some pretty useful gadgets. He has some new toys for you but you will need to find them, and find out more about him along the way. Challenge your friends, family or workmates, while sharpening your skills.
$25.00 per person
$10.00 for kids under 10 years old
Gift Certificates Available

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The Info-Operator, Escape Room


THE INFO-OPERATER You have control of the information, but is it an advantage or disadvantage


Booking open now to play starting July 1st

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What is Esc4pe?

Esc4pe is live action puzzle game, also know as an escape room. Each mission presents you and your group with a goal you must complete within an allotted time period. In order to complete your mission, you and your team will solve a series of puzzles that will test your observation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Do I need to be a Genius to play?

It helps but, NO. We make every effort to make sure no outside knowledge, or specialized skills are needed to solve the problems you are confronted with. All information you will need will be somewhere in the game.

“Esc4pe” sounds like I’m going to be trapped…

You will not actually be locked in your mission room. We do our best to make it feel like you are, but the fire department is happier when we keep the door unlocked.

What if I can break down the door?

We don’t doubt your strength; but none of the missions have been designed to be solved through brute force, including our doors. If at any time you or your teammates wish to abort the mission, your game master will be available to help you out. Please don’t break our things.

Is it scary?

Scary is subjective; but none of our missions are horror themed. Some missions may involve tight spaces, surprising noises and periods of intense action. We hope you have at least one rush of adrenaline, but we are not trying to give anyone nightmares. if you have a fear of something in particular, please contact us and we will do our best to give you accurate information.

How long does a mission take?

It varies by team but you have a 60 minute time limit. Most teams are in our facility for about 90 minutes total.

When do I need to arrive for my mission?

We encourage you to show up at least fifteen minutes before your mission starts so you can get comfortable, sign a waiver and hang up your coat and hat. Feel free to stay for a while after your mission too. Our lounge is pretty sweet. Please try not to tell the incoming groups anything about the game. (Spoiler alert!)

Can we bring the kids?

The challenges in the scenarios Esc4pe presents are designed for people from about 10 years old and up. Having said that, if you want to bring your younger kids, please do. If they have fun, great! If not, please don’t blame us.

Will we get put in a game with strangers?

Yes, maybe. Each scenario has a group size limit. We are glad to take reservations of one or two people and match you up with other small groups to fill the game. If you want to book the room privately for just your group, simply purchase all the tickets for an available time slot. Beware, some puzzles are difficult to complete without a full team, and many people find they have fun collaborating with brand new friends.

What if I arrive late?

Due to the nature of a live event, it is difficult to delay any team’s start time. It’s kind of like arriving late to a play… A play that you have a lead role in. If we can make an adjustment to your game start time we will, but usually there is another group with a start time following your mission.

What if I cancel?

Provided we have at least 24 hours notice, we can reschedule your mission to another available time. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice cannot be refunded.

What if a member of my group is a no show?

A no-show is considered a cancelation with less than 24 hours notice. We dont refund no-shows.

What if i have a great excuse?

We understand that life happens. But we have bills to pay too. We can usually work something out.

I only have myself and one other friend that want to play but the website says we need four people to create a booking what can I do?

Feel free to add yourself to any group that has available spots. If you’re only in town for a limited amount of time please send us a message and we’ll see what we can do to match you up with a group. You can also join the waiting list. Of course it’s also possible to just pay for more tickets but please be aware the game is very difficult for groups of less than four people.

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