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Turn work into play with Escape Reality Games

Helen McShane et al. posing for the camera

How Escape Reality Games Will Turn Your Work Group Into a Work Team

Helen McShane et al. posing for the camera
Our friends from Front Porch Forum after taking on
Escape Reality Games

By now, you may have heard of escape rooms like the ones we have at Escape Reality Games.

Tasking a group with the objective of escaping in 60 minutes or less, our Esc4pe rooms are the perfect way to bring any group of people together. Recently, work groups have been coming to Escape Reality Games finding it to be a great way for coworkers to bond, team-build, and have an awesome time. If you’re looking to get your coworkers closer together, look no further: Escape Reality Games is the way to go. Here are some reasons why.

Escape Reality Games: just add cooperation.

While a group of superstars working together is ideal in theory, cooperation is the most important ingredient in cultivating a solid team. This is where Escape Reality Games come in. Though some of our clues can be solved individually, successfully escaping one of our rooms within 60 minutes really comes down to teamwork. Thriving at Escape Reality Games means that each member of your team needs to look out for each other just as much as themselves. Staying on the same page can be tricky at times and this is especially true when you only have 60 minutes to achieve a common goal. Through effective communication and a positive attitude though, any group can do well here. Just like in the workplace, at Esc4pe your group is only as strong as its weakest link. Cooperation is the best way to make sure that link helps you escape.

Escape Reality Games requires problem solving.

a man standing in front of a windowEscaping our two (soon to be three) rooms, means solving a lot of clues, riddles, and ultimately, problems. Sound familiar? Just like at your job and most other aspects of life, solving problems is essential to success at Esc4pe. When you and your workmates enter one of our rooms, you are faced up against an expansive number of multi-layered clues that test your mind, ability, and cohesion as a group. With only an hour to escape, each one of you needs to be able to analyze our clues in a creative and analytical way before being able to garner a real solution. At the end of the day, this means that coming to Escape Reality Games is not only a great way to have fun outside of the office, but it’s also a great way to get your workmates to solve problems together efficiently and effectively.

Escape Reality Games will let your coworkers shine.

a person in a dark roomWhat makes you and your workmates so valuable is that you all have your own specialized strengths and abilities. Escape Reality Games is a great way to put these on display. Each person that enters one of our Escape rooms takes on a role, may it be conscious or subconscious, that is integral to their group’s performance. By the time you leave our building, you and your workmates will have all had a powerful glimpse of how you are all mentally diverse from one another. Maybe Alex is a great leader. Maybe Simon is a creative thinker. Whatever your differences may be, each of you will exhibit them in a way that is useful and exciting at the same time. Likewise, these diverse skills can be translated into new, efficient ways of tackling your work while giving everyone the chance to shine.

Escape Reality Games helps coworkers bond.

Where Escape Reality Games is great for team building, it’s also great for relationship building. Sometimes the pressure of a work environment can prevent you from getting to know the people you see and work with every day. Escape Reality Games help you bond with your coworkers by taking your mind off the stresses of work. When you and your workmates are in one of our rooms, the only thing on your mind is getting out within 60 minutes. No thoughts about deadlines, meetings, or anything else work related.

Haven’t convinced you yet?

Our Escape rooms are also ridiculously fun. If you want to bring your coworkers closer together in a new, fun, and exciting way, come check us out. We promise it will be a great time.

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