Turn work into play with Esc4pe

How Esc4pe Will Turn Your Work Group Into a Work Team By now, you may have heard of escape rooms like the ones we have at Esc4pe. Tasking a group with the objective of escaping in 60 minutes or less, our Esc4pe rooms are the perfect way to bring any group of people together. Recently, […]

Esc4pe: the Latest and Greatest Family Activity

Looking for Something New to do With Your Family? Come Try Out Esc4pe! Escape rooms are starting to pop up all around the globe and for great reasons. Here in Burlington at Esc4pe, we believe that our Esc4pe rooms are the perfect activity for all groups, especially families. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, child, […]

Get over finals week with Esc4pe

5 Reasons Why Esc4pe is Perfect For Students Growing in popularity over the past couple years, live-action escape room games like the ones we have at Esc4pe have been sweeping the nation. Here at Esc4pe, any group is more than welcome to see if they can escape one of our rooms. With our new deal […]

Come get your wings at Esc4pe!

No not chicken wings. We have started offering 4 flavors of Redbull energy drink in our lobby.  You may or may not believe that its mysterious ingredients actually help you think faster, or escape sooner, but it does taste good, and definitely quenches a thirst.

Minimalist Room Set to Open

The second of our Esc4pe Rooms, The Minimalist, will open to challenge your wits on December 10, 2016. You can begin booking the room in advance starting now.