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Get over finals week with Escape Reality Games

a group of people posing for the camera

5 Reasons Why Escape Reality Games are Perfect For Students

Growing in popularity over the past couple years, live-action escape room games like the ones we have at Escape Reality Games have been sweeping the nation.

Here at Escape Reality Games, any group is more than welcome to see if they can escape one of our rooms. With our new deal letting students in groups of 8 or more get half off, Escape Reality Games are the ultimate experience for college students in the Burlington area.

a group of people posing for the camera
A couple of our awesome game masters and
their friends after trying out the Gauntlet

Here are five reasons why.

1. Escape Reality Games let you think differently.

We know, after spending most your week in class, then the library, and hey maybe even at a part-time job you’re tired of thinking, it makes sense. But bear with us here. Have you ever heard people say that there’s a difference between being book smart and being street smart? Escape Reality Games helps you fine tune both. How many classes can you say you’ve taken that teach you how to pick locks? Crack codes? Build friendships? Point is, trying out one of our Escape rooms will have you and your friends looking at the world around you in a different way than ever before.

2. Escape Reality Games help you de-stress.

College has probably been a lot more work than you ever expected it to be. Every day it seems like there’s some new assignment, presentation, or exam ready to consume your day and fill your head with stress. Believe it or not, sometimes the best way to help get rid of this stress is to change your mindset and focus on something else, something new. At Escape Reality Games, we can guarantee that our rooms will keep you from thinking about whatever daily task is stressing you out (at least for an hour). When you and your friends enter o ne of our rooms, there’s no time to be thinking about what deadlines, papers, or presentations you have to get to. What your focused on is how you and your friends can work together to escape one of our rooms before your 60 minutes is up. Now doesn’t that sound better than studying?

3. Escape Reality Games are a great way to bond with your friends.

a close up of a metal lockThe friends you make in college can go on to be some of the best friends you’ll ever have in life. Still, that doesn’t mean you’ll never get bored with them. How many times can you walk around Church Street, go to the waterfront, and head to see Dead Set (highly recommend seeing them if you haven’t) before you need to find something else to do in Burlington with your friends? I know for me, it only took a couple weeks until I was looking for something new to do in the area. Well good news: your search is over. Bring your friends to one of our Escape rooms, no matter how close you are. Within an hour, the teamwork, communication, and not to mention fun our Escape rooms provide will have you and a group of your choice going from college acquaintances to lifelong pals.

4. Escape Reality Games has an ideal location.

a screenshot of a video game
Use this handy map to help you find us
on the first try.

Distance is of the biggest things keeping students from participating in the great activities Burlington, Vermont has to offer. Especially for freshmen, finding a way to get around is difficult. If you or your friends don’t have a car and you want to get off campus, your options for fun in the area are pretty limited. This is where Escape Reality Games comes in. Located on 156 College Street, our spot is perfect for students in the area. Not only is it right in the middle of town, but it’s also right next door to a ton of other awesome places. One of these places is the arcade-themed bar “The Archives” which has hidden a bunch of their game tokens all around our rooms (get them while you can). If you go to Champlain College or UVM, come check us out. We promise it’s worth the walk.

5. Escape Reality Games has great deals for students.

At Escape Reality Games, we understand that college students aren’t exactly swimming in money. In fact, money is usually pretty tight during those first few years of adulthood (shout-out to instant ramen and Ben & Jerry’s dinners). That’s why we’re always looking to offer deals that make our Esc4pe rooms accessible to any college kid. As we said before, groups of 8 or more students can currently get half off at any of our rooms. Just bring your student IDs and you’re all set to have one of the best times of your life for half off. How could you possibly say no to that?

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